Boaters urged to slow it down in flooded areas

Waters continue to rise in the Waccamaw River causing more flooding for homeowners. Forecasters predict that it will continue to get worse for the next five days.

One of the areas affected is Lee's Landing just outside of Conway off Highway 90 in Horry County.

Barry Howard has been living in that area on Row Pond road for 8 years. He explained that he's never seen this much flooding before.

"It started probably a week and a half ago, bridged the seawall, then came down at the lower end pump house, we've got about close to 4 feet at the pump house out there now," Howard explained.

As of Monday morning, the Waccamaw river was nearly ten inches higher than flood levels of 11 feet.

Howard said passing boats have been adding to the mess, pushing water from the river into his yard, flooding it even more.

"You don't look behind you, you're throwing a foot and a half of wake, that water's going somewhere and it's damaging a lot of property."

The Department of Natural Resources is asking boaters to slow it down. Although there is no designated wake speed, they recommend idle speed with no wake in areas where the flood is affecting homes and yards. It could be the difference of homeowners like howard losing his water supply.

"We're literally about 6 inches away from losing our power supply for our water and they're just pushing, there's other houses lower than us and they're just pushing water into houses," Howard said.

DNR has also been stepping up patrols in areas where the flooding is becoming a problem and officials said this will remain in effect until the water starts to recede.

If you have to boat in flooded areas, DNR is also asking boaters to be careful of floating debris which can be concealed by high water levels