Bluegrass festival helps build veterans a home

All That performing at Bluegrass Festival

Myrtle Beach Harley-Davidson held their annual Biker Bluegrass Festival in support of the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center in Little River.

Kris Tourtellotte is a Vietnam War veteran hoping for a change.

"Way back when, when I was suffering after I got home from Vietnam...when they started the Gulf War, I said they're not going to be treated like I was when I got home," said Tourtellotte.

So four years ago, Tourtellotte got started setting up Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center . He said the organization takes care of veterans when other organizations don't, like helping veterans pay for their electricity bills, car payments, or whatever else they might need.

Despite Saturday's rain, Tourtellotte was nothing but smiles for all the support coming in from the festival.

The event even featured entertainers "All That" from America's Got Talent.

"When we first started, everyone was just milling around listening to the bands and then after we got up and spoke and said why we were here and what we were doing, then all of a sudden our jar just started filling up with money and that's what it was all about 'cause all this money is going to go towards building that house," he said.

Tourtellotte calls it a reintegration house that would be a place for veterans to go while they're recuperating from an injury or waiting for help from the Veterans Affairs office. It could help up to 10 veterans. Tourtellotte said he's never giving up on the cause.

"I always kid about being retired in ten years when I'm 55 but i'm never going to retire. I'll be doing this as long as, they'll have to drag me out of that place you know," he explained.

Tourtellotte said last year alone the Veterans Welcome Home and Resource Center in Little River was able to give away $21,500 in assistance.

This is the third year for the event. Organizers plan to bring it back next year.