Blind boy teaches others to see

James King, courtesy of Stacy King

Every day we impact the people around us, but how often do you stop and think how you impact people?

Jeff Benton is thinking about that a lot more recently. He's a radio personality on Gator 107.9 FM and delivers country music to the Grand Strand in his nightly radio show.

James King, a 12-year-old student at Forestbrook Middle School, idolized Benton and listened to Gator 107.9 incessantly.

"I've never had anybody tell me that I made that kind of difference in their life, that I was their hero," said Benton.

James used his ears to connect himself to the world because he couldn't see. He was about to get his wish to meet Benton at an upcoming career day at Forestbrook Middle School.

But, just a few weeks before that day, King passed away after suffering several grand mal seizures.

James' parents fulfilled their son's wish and met Benton at career day.

"James at a young age has no idea the way he's changed me," Benton shared. "It will make me treat people better, it will make a me a more kinder person."

James continues to help others see more clearly, even after his death.

His parents donated his organs, and although he was blind, his corneas are now helping two people see.