Blast from the past: Board Games

It's a virtual world we live in today. But there's a group of people at a Myrtle Beach game store that are trying to change the world of gaming.

They're trying to bring board games back to reality.

Board games seem like a thing of the past for the young techy generation.

Gamers at the White Widow game store are living in a world where board games are the games to play.

"It's a great social outlet in a society that is now in front of the tv, in front of video games all the time, looking at their phones. You have no choice but in interact with other people when you are playing a board game," said Samuel Leavitt, a board game designer.

The games these designers create are original and homemade.

Some are made from basic materials you could find in your own home.

One of the games focuses on space ships.

The designer, Donald Dennis says it's similar to Star Wars or Star Trek themes.

But his game is unique from other space ships games on the market today.

"You are moving them around the board but instead of rolling dice to hit the other ships, you have little discs which are actually physically flicking at the other ships and if it hits them they are going to take damage," said Dennis.

Dennis is in the process of getting his game published, which means it could soon be on your family's dining room table for game night.

He says having a group of game designers that come to the White Widow has helped him develop his game.

"Certainly having a place where we can come and show off our games has had a huge impact on the gaming community as a whole, as well as my game design in particular," he said.

Dennis says once the games go to the publishers, they will hold onto it for about five months and examine the game.

Then they will contact the designer and let them know what they think.

"They get back to us and say yes we like it, you need to fix it or no itâ??s not for us. And then we will have to find someone else to publish it," he added.

Everyone else that didn't get published will continue modifying the game until it gets to that level.

"In three months when we do our next event, they will bring it back out or bring out something new and we will have a look at those," Dennis said.

Gamers meet other game designers at the White Widow game store in Myrtle Beach.

They meet there multiple times a month to talk board games.

They encourage anyone with ideas to come down and learn about their board game world.

"Anybody could do it. It's just taking your imagination, playing some games that you like and incorporating some of the elements of your own and you have just made a brand new game," said Leavitt.