Black Friday becoming Black Thursday

With retail stores trying to beat each other to the punch, the Black Friday deals and prices are starting to bleed into Thanksgiving Day.

Shoppers like Annette Tomko have a game plan before they even hit the stores. "If you're not at the front of the row you're not getting it," she said.

She's one of the many who are preparing earlier than usual because so many stores are opening on Thanksgiving night instead of waiting until the clock strikes on Black Friday.

The race to be the first to start the Christmas shopping season has retailers across the country passing on the turkey and asking for another helping of avid shoppers.

But, while some like Tomko see the Black Thursday as a way to cash in, others like Eileen Soisson see Black Thursday as a way to miss out.

"Thursday is that day that we're supposed to be spending time with our family, not shopping," she said.

Soisson's not opposed to the holiday lines and deals. She's shopped on Black Friday for six years straight, but she says moving Black Friday to Black Thursday takes away from the experience.

"I say down with Black Thursday. I don't see why we even have that. Keep it Black Friday. Make that the fun day. Enjoy the shopping of Black Friday, not Black Thursday."

There's already a line forming outside Best Buy in Myrtle Beach. The first person in line arrived at 6 a.m. Wednesday.