Black Friday backlash blamed for shorter lines, fewer campers

A shopping craze is sweeping the nation and it began as soon as the plates were cleared from the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Shoppers got a head start on the holiday season, as Best Buy opened its doors at 6 p.m. and other store chains, including Target, Kohls and JC Penney opened on Thanksgiving evening.

To snag the best bargains, a few people began camping out at Best Buy a few days ago, while others showed up Thanksgiving day.

For some, setting up camp outside the front door is something they do every year.

One man's been camped out at Best Buy since 5 a.m. Tuesday, enduring heavy rains and temperatures dipping into the 20s at night.

JD Dean says his family thinks he's crazy to do it, but at the same time, they'll often ask him to buy things for them.

Dean says his Black Friday camp-out started on a whim eight years ago and quickly turned into an annual routine.

"Then I met all the people, like the first 20 people are normally the same people every year and we got along and it turned into a great tradition. We had fun, turkey dinners were delivered to us, big teamwork."

But Dean says the scene was different this year, with fewer people camping out for days.

One woman showed up just before one o'clock Thursday afternoon and managed to get 12th place in line.

Dean says that wouldn't have happened in previous years.

The dedicated campers blame a backlash and calls for boycotts against those stores that open on Thanksgiving for the shorter lines.