Bikers try for world records during rally

Bikers tried to make history Friday in Murrells Inlet.

More than 1,000 people gathered to watch what they hoped would be a new Guinness world record.

About 200 bikers were revving their engines in an attempt to set a new record for "most motorcycles in a burnout."

Tires were smoking and rubber was flying, but organizers say they were about 50 riders short of the world record.

It's a difficult record to break considering the cost of the tires which can run as high as $300.

The rear tire is rendered unusable in most cases after they "light them up" on the pavement.

"I've been waiting all week to do this. It's just great. Brand new tires, just put it on before I came down here. How much did that tire cost you that you just ruined? $205," said Steve McCurdy, a biker from Pennsylvania.

Saturday from 10am-12noon, bikers will gather near the Myrtle Beach Mall to attempt the largest single Harley ride in history.

The current Guinness world record stands at more than 2,000.