Bikers and drivers battle for the road

Just a cool shot :) / Ryan Naquin

Under the roaring sound of motorcycle mufflers, complaints from opposite sides of the road fill the air on the Grand Strand.

But bikers and motorists are mostly complaining about the same thing...each other.

"On my way here, a guy pulled right out in front of us," says Bill Hodges. He and his friend from Virginia rode their motorcycles to Myrtle Beach for the Harley Spring Rally. "People glance at you, but they really aren't paying attention for motorcycles when they're driving."

"Bikers pull out in front of me all the time. I don't think they pay attention," says Emily Dorman. She traveled from Gaffney, South Carolina to the Grand Strand for the weekend. "Then, the fact that they don't wear a helmet makes me nervous when I'm around them. They have no protection."

Myrtle Beach native Sean Pierce says he doesn't mind bikers for the most part, but it's just the riders who don't abide by the rules that get to him. "Some of them weave in and out of traffic, make their own lanes when there isn't one and rev their motors so loud. I've got kids. I'm trying to get to work. That's the last thing I want," he says.

But bikers say their attention is always on the road unlike their driving counterparts.

"You can't eat a burger or do your makeup while you're on a bike," says Don Morris. He and his wife Michelle rode in from Florida. "With the cellphones now," says Michelle, "it's much worse than it's ever been because drivers are forever texting and not looking at the road. When you're on your bike you always have to be aware."

Pierce says he understands bikers have to be more aware of the road, but he says that's the risk they willingly take. "Riding a motorcycle implies a certain risk. There's bad drivers and there's bad motorcyclists, but if you're not a responsible person, you shouldn't be riding a motorcycle," he says.

Who do you think needs to start pay more attention on the road? Motorcyclists or car drivers? And to both motorcyclists and motorists - share your highway horror stories by leaving a comment below!

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