Biker rally puts people to work

As bikers ride onto the Grand Strand for Harley week, they are helping locals by giving the unemployed a chance at a job that would not be available without the influx of riders.

"Right now, I'm just thankful Georgetown County let bikers come in and do what they had to do," said Murrells Inlet resident Stephen Guerrern.

He's earned a part-time job at the Beaver Bar during the ten-day bike rally period.

He's found ways to make ends meet throughout the year, but he said finding a steady job in this economy is tough.

"A couple of years ago I was living out of my car for a little bit," said Guerrern. "So this has allowed me to have a place to stay again."

The owner of the Beaver Bar, Leslye Beaver, estimates she hires around 150 workers to help during bike rally.

Local Hunter Hayes plans to take advantage of the that. He came into the bar on Tuesday and will start working on Wednesday.

"It's real tough out there my friend," said Hayes, "and when you find one (a job), you better hold on to it."

"Without this I couldn't stay afloat. I couldn't make ends meet," said Guerrern. "It's huge, especially the way the economy is."