Bikefest bikes roar despite rain

The 34th Annual Atlantic Beach Bikefest is underway.

The 34th Annual Atlantic Beach Bikefest is underway, and despite some severe weather thousands of motorcycles have roared on to the Grand Strand.

From custom paint jobs to neon lights, bikers have spent thousands customizing their motorcycles.

Papi Bannerman was a standout among the sea of them on Ocean Boulevard Friday. He said, "You want something to look nice, you've got to put your money into it. You know, you get what you pay for."

The amount of money he's put in his bike? The answer: $40,000.

"This is my first bike actually. I'm actually investing a couple of more thousands of dollars into my next one," Bannerman said as he showed his custom paint job and exhaust, lights and exhaust pipes.

The thousands of bikes is quite a sight to see, but Myrtle Beach Police Captain David Knipes says, it's also important to keep safety in mind when you're on them.

"A lot of these bikes are capable of soon very fast speeds. And getting up to a very fast speed, they're very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing on them." Captain Knipes said.

Also dangerous for passengers on the back, holding onto those driving. Police say if a bike takes off suddenly, many of these bikes have nothing to support passengers if they fall backwards.

The Atlantic Beach Bikefest officially started Friday afternoon and will continue through Monday at 3 pm.