Bike Week means more customers for Murrells Inlet seafood supplier

The South Strand is already roaring with motorcycles for this year's spring Harley Rally and while for some it means traffic and noise, some local businesses couldn't be more excited.

Some bikers have been hitting the Grand Strand for the annual event for years, while others like Chris Murphy are first-timers, here to experience a week of leather, bikes and beer.

"This is my first time down here, my boyfriend is a southern rider. We came down here as a group. All the ladies have been down here for the past five years," Murphy explained.

Just a few days into the week of events, Seven Seas Seafood Market is already reaping the benefits. They're located just a few hundred yards down the road from two of the busiest biker bars in Murrells Inlet.

"They come in, we steam them shrimp. They buy fish to take back to the rooms with them," explained Seven Seas employee Ron Bailey. "We'll actually have chests out front with their favorite cold beverages in there. They'll come, they'll sit on the porch and we'll fix them shrimp. Overall, it definitely is increasing the business no question about it."

Bailey added that Seven Seas brings in more than 1,200 pounds of seafood a week and nearly half of what they sell is to walk-in customers. What better way to start off the summer season, he said, then with a few thousand bikers right next door."It certainly kicks off a lot of the restaurants, a lot of the bars, a lot of the businesses."

Chances are if you support the bikers, they'll support you back, just ask Chris Murphy. "Any restaurant that supports the bike fest, we visit. That's why we're here."

The Harley Rally is expected to wrap up Sunday, May 18th.