Bike rally rules reviewed

Slide showing one of the regulations for the bike rallies.

CONWAY, S.C. (WPDE) - Horry County Council's Public Safety Committee met Monday night and there was only one item on the agenda, discussion of the May bike rallies. The meeting served as an opportunity to go over rules and regulations specific to the yearly events.

"By being able to talk in mid-February, you're not surprised by these expectations and what the officers are going to expect you to be doing in the middle of May," explained Public Safety Director Paul Whitten.

In just a few months, all types of motorcycles will descend upon the Grand Strand. This year, there aren't any changes to the regulations.

The rules include no outdoor burnouts, specific times tents can be set up, and the requirement that you have an attendant to keep traffic flowing on your property.

A small group of people who plans to participate in the rallies attended the meeting in Conway. Alex Auther, events coordinator for Hooters in North Myrtle Beach, said some of the regulations were confusing.

"On one slide it says you can have a dyno machine and three slides down it says no burnouts or engine revving, so those two go together pretty much. So if you have a dyno you got to rev your engine in order to get an accurate reading," said Auther.

Whitten countered, "Dyno machines you sit on rollers basically, so it allows wheels to spin and it doesn't produce that particulate matter into the air that is the problem with burnouts."

During the meeting Whitten said outdoor burnouts are not allowed again this year because it's burning tires, a violation of a rule set by the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Auther said he's looking forward to providing a lot of fun activities for bikers.

"Before we know it it's going to be one of the biggest events down there. We're looking at maybe ten or fifteen thousand people Saturday and Sunday, and we're also doing the host of the first basketball bike week up there too," he explained. "We don't have to do a lot of things we just have to do some things to make it fun for who's there."

The most important message Whitten wanted to get across with publicizing the rules is to let all businesses know everyone is held to the same standard.

This year the bike rally dates do not overlap as they did last year.

The Spring Harley Rally will be May 13 to May 19 and the Atlantic Beach Bike Fest is planned for May 23 to May 26.