Bennettsville store seems to be lucky lottery spot

Customers at East Side Grocery at 129 N. Everette St in Bennettsville are hoping for a repeat performance after owner Zaki Khattab sold a $200,000 winning ticket to one of his regulars.

Khattab previously sold a ticket worth $20,000 and now customers are calling it their lucky spot.

The $200,000 prize was won by a man from Wallace in late January.

The winner told lottery officials he was driving home when he had a feeling he should turn the car around and go back to buy a lottery ticket.

He headed to East Side Grocery and picked out a Double Mega Tripler scratch-off. He paid $10 for the ticket that won him $200,000.

"It's been a blessing," said the winner, who generously paid off his brother's house.

The act of kindness comes as no surprise to Khattab.

"I have good customers, really nice people," Khattab said.

For selling the claimed ticket, East Side Grocery received a commission of $2,000.