Beach trip after bad weather means finding hidden treasures

Beach trip after bad weather means finding hidden treasures (WPDE)

Monday may have seemed like a miserable day when it came to the weather but there's always something good that comes after a storm. For some the day after a storm means a day of beach exploration.

"I was reading about it flooded, so I wanted to see if it was still here and to do some shelling today," said Mark Miller, shell hunting at Surfside Beach.

Lots of other people had the same idea. The early bird gets the worm but even later in the day there was plenty to find.

Meg Perrino is an avid shell hunter. She said between beach renourishment and Irma, she's found a treasure trove of rare shells.

"We were out here this morning at about 8 o'clock looking around the swashes," Perrino said. "I was just out kind of digging and they were just everywhere! I think just the ocean has turned up a lot of stuff!"

Sometimes stuff other than shells turns up like this bullet that Bruce T found with his metal detector. He said it belonged to a gun from the 1940's.

For some like Peyton Johnson, a day on the beach after the storm means the finding treasures with family on his 5th birthday.

"We're finding cool shells and we're gonna paint them when we get home," he said, excited to show his bucket of shells.

Buckets and bags of shells instead of the usual broken pieces of shells. Peyton's sister, Kate, was excited about it, too. "I don't really find them everyday and I like the designs!"

The ocean holds many secrets and many treasures, but the best part, the many memories created during a day at the beach.

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