Beach music plays on after 'The Surf' goes quiet

Ted Bell takes his beach music show to WNMB-AM 900 / Holly Morgan

Beach music came to a screeching halt when The Surf 94.9 closed on Sunday, but you can still hear the same feel-good tunes. You just have to turn the dial.

Ted Bell, who was a disc jockey at The Surf for 8 years, has taken his trademark "All Request Beach Caf' lunch hour to WNMB-AM 900 of North Myrtle Beach.

Bell debuted on Wednesday and assures listeners that he's still playing the type of tunes dedicated fans expect. "What we do is spotlight all the Carolina beach hits and classic beats too," Bell said.

He says he's fortunate to have the opportunity to reclaim his afternoon time slot and is thankful for such dedicated listeners.

"We're hearing from a lot of folks who used to listen to my show and by all the good publicity, followed me over to WNMB," Bell said.

He is on the air on WNMB-AM 900 from 10am to 3pm, every weekday.


Story posted on 1/18/2011:

We got several viewer emails asking what happened to the beach music station.

We learned from a potential buyer that the station is now caught up in a legal matter. The owner, Harvey Graham, Jr., died on December 19th, due to an extended illness, according to his obituary.

NewsChannel 15 also spoke with former announcer Ted Bell. Bell had been the announcer at the Surf for eight years.

He says about five people worked there. The station has been on the air since 1996 or 1997.

Bell says the Surf won FM station of the year from the Carolina Beach Music Awards for the past 12 years.