Beach bike path's safety in question

A bike shop owner is concerned a highly travelled bike path, which abruptly ends at 77th Avenue North and N. Ocean Boulevard in Myrtle Beach, might not be safe.

"It's a problem for the bike riders, especially for the people that are new to Myrtle Beach because you approach 77th and all of a sudden the bike lane ends and you go to a very narrow road," Beach Bike Shop owner Richard Hussey explained.

The narrow road Hussey's referring to is North Ocean Boulevard and if bicyclists don't turn right going north they're forced to stay on a very busy road with no shoulder.

"It is dangerous. When a bike goes off the road, off the pavement and hits sand, they wreck, pretty obvious," he said.

Hussey's not the only one concerned. After a number of meetings, including one on Tuesday, the Myrtle Beach Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee members say they're concerned too. So, they're trying to come up with some solutions.

"We need to look into that, whether or not we can extend that bike lane, if not can we have better signage that would be a share the road type of a situation to let the motorists know that the bicyclists are there and they're going to continue riding or is there a different route that we can direct them to," explained planner Kelly Mezzapelle.

Hussey said he just hopes the subcommittee can come up with one alternative soon and hopefully before next year's tourist season.

For now, bicyclists are left with nothing but a sign reading "Bike Lane Ends."

The Bicycle and Pedestrian Subcommittee will continue to discuss options on December 17 . Mezzapelle said they hope to have some recommendations for the Myrtle Beach Transportation Committee by early spring.