Bah humbug! Christmas displays ripped apart in Horry Co. neighborhood

Ron Carter-Fish and his partner look over the inflatable Santa Clause that was ripped apart.

Some Horry County residents who are in the holiday spirit have been waking up to find vandalism and property damage outside their homes.

Patty Jorgensen, who lives in the Southgate community in Carolina Forest, enjoys the holiday season so much she decorates her home from head to toe.

"It makes me feel happy just to have all this stuff around me," she says.

But while she's immersed in the holiday spirit, someone is stomping on her Christmas cheer. Jorgensen believes around 11:00 Saturday night, someone vandalized the decorations in her yard, causing nearly $100 in damage.

"There was a full moon last night," Jorgensen said. "You think that had anything to do with it?"

Jorgensen's decorations aren't the only ones that have been damaged.

Someone ripped the arm off of Ron Carter-Fish's inflatable Santa Claus, leaving the display in a heap in his yard.

"I just don't know why someone would want to destroy Christmas," Carter-Fish said. "To be quite honest, I can't afford to replace this or I would. For someone to do this it really kind of hurts."

Down the road, a few patches in another set of decorations reveal that someone cut several holes in this display.

"This thing cost a hundred and fifty bucks just for this little Christmas decoration," said Michal Phillips, pointing out a display in his front yard. "It's like, where am I going to get another $150 for this?"

Southgate residents say that at least four homes have been vandalized and those who have been hit say they'll probably keep up the decorations that they have but they won't put up any more this season.

"I do not want whoever did this to get away with this. (Police) probably will not catch them," said Carter-Fish.

Jorgensen has one question for whoever dampened her holiday cheer.

"We're trying to make the neighborhood look better. Why would you? Just why? I'm just sad. I'm just sad someone would do that and I feel sorry for them, I really do."

All of those vandalized in Southgate have reported the incidents to Horry County police.