Backgate road construction on track and on budget

The massive construction project at Highway 17 and Farrow Parkway is finally taking shape. Many of the pylons for the new bridge are in, and construction crews are preparing to add the massive steel pieces that will span the intersection.

"People have really seen, I think, the project come to life. What they're actually seeing now is it going up," said Lisa Bourcier, Horry County spokeswoman.

She added the project is still on time and on budget, slated to open in August of next year.

Business owners in Market Common are anxiously awaiting the projects completion, as it will be easier for customers to get in and out of the shopping hub. "I am excited to see it done, and I'm excited to see the Market Common get busy like it was supposed to be right from the start," said Deborah Perrone, owner of the Tee Time Cafe.

She said while the project does make traffic a bit hectic, she's impressed with how the project has moved along. "I've watched every step of the construction. I think it's just amazing how they're doing. Every day you go out there and see a new pylon out there, they must really be working hard in the middle of the night."