Baby Boy Horry laid to rest

A memorial was placed at the site where the baby was found near Meadowbrook Drive.

The newborn baby boy found abandoned and dead in a wooded area near Highway 544 two weeks ago, was laid to rest late Thursday afternoon.

While the baby's life ended far too soon, the police investigation goes on.

About 100 people attended Thursday's public service - given by Horry County for the newborn who has come to be known as "Baby Boy Horry."

Horry County Coroner Robert Edge phrased it this way during the service, "Baby Boy Horry is now the son of Horry County."

It was an emotional afternoon, with very few dry eyes. While the people who attended didn't know him, the child touched everyone.

"The citizens in the community really surprised me, really pulled together. This touched home. It touched everybody's lives. It's a baby, and everybody loves kids," said Kayla Johnson of Conway, who attended the service.

Horry County is accepting donations to cover the costs of the funeral service. You can donate at all Horry County State Banks, the coroners office, and at the Horry County Government and Justice Center in Conway.

As far as the Horry County police investigation goes, Sergeant Robert Kegler with the Horry County Police Department said they are still following any and every lead.

Also, he stressed that he doesn't want the public to put "Baby Boy Horry" out of mind, now that the funeral is over.

Police still need the public's help with any information anyone might have.

The sketch of the baby, and a picture of the bag the baby was found in, are attached to this story.

The baby was found dead near Meadowbrook Drive in Conway on December 4th.

He was in a Bath and Body Works canvas tote bag.

Police are hoping someone will call their tip line at (843) 915 - TIPS.

You can remain anonymous. Police said a substantial reward is being offered.