Aynor softball teams making history for small town

Three divisions in the Dixie Youth Softball league are making history in the small town of Aynor. Girls six to 12 years old won the state titles, and now they are about to head to the Dixie World Series.

But the cost of the trip is an obstacle for the big tournament.

"It is around $15,000 per team to get them there and back," said Jason Brown, head coach of the Sweetees.

Between the Sweetees, the Angels and the Ponytails, each team has 12 players and four coaches. If you do the math that's about $300 per person.

They are asking for your help to get them to the World Series.

"It's an honor to be a part of this right here and I would like everyone that could to support this group this is a dream come true for them and lets make it happen," said Jodi Knobles, head coach of the Ponytails.

They have already made history in Aynor, and they hope to achieve new victories in the coming weeks.

"We really enjoy playing softball and we just need help to get there," said Claire Lewis, third baseman for the Ponytails.

You can do so by going to their Facebook page or