Autistic child's mother accuses teacher's aide of abuse

A mother wants justice after she says a North Myrtle Beach High School teacher's aide physically abused her special needs daughter.

Leslie McCabe's 15-year-old daughter, Aubrey, suffers from severe autism that leaves her with minimal communication skills.

"She would tell me, "No school mommy. Is hurt"," said Leslie. She wasn't sure what her child meant by those words until a few weeks ago.

Two teachers at North Myrtle Beach High wrote letters to the principal saying a teacher's aide pushed, grabbed and hit Aubrey. In one letter, the teacher says Aubrey was hit so hard, it left a red mark on her arm.

"He [the principal] looked at me and basically said this is the worst thing I ever want to say, but we found out that your daughter is being hit and abused by one of her teachers," said Leslie.

On November 10th, the school suspended the aide who remains on administrative leave while the Horry County School District conducts an investigation, said spokesperson Teal Britton.

Horry County police investigated but found no probable cause to charge the aide, said Sergeant Robert Kegler.

Leslie believes something more needs to be done. "Our only step is to get justice for Aubrey and make sure this doesn't happen to another child," said Leslie. "I know in my heart and in my soul as a mother, that this happened. I know it from Aubrey. I can read her better than anyone, and I have so much guilt in me that I didn't read her enough."

She wants the teacher's aide to be charged criminally.

"How can anyone do this to a child especially a disabled child? I know she can be difficult, but they have training. They can restrain her. They can call me to come get her. They can't use her for a human punching bag."

Leslie hopes the school district will transfer Aubrey to a different school.

Britton said every teacher's assistant who deals with autistic children is certified to deal with those with special needs.

NewsChannel 15 tried to reached the accused teacher's aide and received no response.