Auditors search for out-of-state license plates at local schools

Investigators with the Horry County Auditor's Office are on the prowl outside Horry County schools searching for out-of-state license plates.

"The date they registered their kids, they have 45 days, or if they moved here or are working here, they have 45 days too," said Toby Clardy, field investigator with Horry County Auditor's Office.

Clardy says people who haven't registered their vehicles, are skipping out on taxes which in part, go toward the Horry County school district.

"We're paying for their kid, but they're not paying for our kids, and that's not fair for the local people," said Clardy.

Those abiding by the law agree.

"They should pay taxes for education, just like we do," said Clementine Stevenson, taxpayer.

"On average, Clardy sees about 20 people a day dropping off students, while driving cars with out-of-state license plates.

"I'll write them down, go to the office and do the paper work," Clardy said.

Angela Gibbons was stopped Friday morning outside North Myrtle Beach Middle School because she was driving a car with an Ohio license plate. Gibbons was only given a warning because the car she typically drives, is being repaired. She told NewsChannel 15 she has been through the process before.

"I got a letter saying you have so many days to have your plates transferred over. So within less than two weeks I went in and I was thinking, 'oh my goodness, what have I done now,'" said Gibbons.

Clardy says if people ignore the warnings, it can get significantly worse.

"We will get a warrant, send them a warrant letter and we will go to court with them," said Clardy.

Clardy says people who live in Horry County for a total of 150 days within a year, regardless if it's consecutive or not, must also register their vehicles in south carolina.