Auditor announces annual crack down on out-of-state plates

File image of an Horry County Auditor's Office employee checking for out-of-state tags.

Before you drop off your kids at Horry County schools on Wednesday, make sure you have South Carolina plates on your car.

The Horry County Auditor held a news conference Monday to let residents know investigators will be in school parking lots this week looking for out of state and expired license plates.

The law requires new residents pay a car tax and get their car registered within 45 days of moving to South Carolina.

Some of the money from that tax goes to the school system.

County Auditor Lois Eargle said for the most part, people are getting their tags done and on time. "The program is working. I visited a church a couple Sundays ago and the minister got up and said it's good to have Ms. Eargle with us today. Ms. Eargle, when I saw you walk in, I went outside and ran around the parking lot and there's no out of state tags in the church's parking lot and so I said praise the Lord," Eargle laughed.

Delinquent tax payers will first receive a notice. The next step is a warrant. Through the end of July, the auditor's office collected $98,468 from nearly 400 people with delinquent tags so far in 2014. They project they'll collect $240,000 by the end of the tax year, adding that does not include out of state vehicles from other offices.