Attorney for Conway coach says charge should be dismissed

David Charles Jordan. (J. Reuben Long Detention Center. WPDE background)

The attorney representing Conway High School football coach Chuck Jordan, who was arrested last week, says he will be asking a judge to dismiss the charges.

Tommy Brittain, attorney for Chuck Jordan, said his take on the entire situation is that it shouldn’t be in the courtroom.

“This should be handled by the school and the school district,” he said. “Teachers exercising their duties shouldn’t turn up in court. As a society, we tend to rush everything into the courtroom.”

Jordan and 17-year-old student Ka'Brian Javar Hickman were both arrested last week in connection with a May 26 incident at the school.

Brittain said the surveillance tape shows that Jordan was not trying to harm the student in any way.

“There is no sound on the tape, but there were some really bad things being said and threats being made by the student,” he said. “But you can see that the student is not injured. Chuck is not injured. There is nothing on the tape or in the testimony that shows that Chuck Jordan was trying to harm this man in any way.”

Brittain said he was shocked when Jordan was arrested.

"We went to the police department and Chuck gave his recollection of what happened and I was stunned when they called me to have him turn himself in,” he said.

The incident also involved a substitute teacher, according to Teal Britton, spokesperson for the school district.

Jordan was put on administrative leave with pay on May 30 and, as of last week, Britton said that remains in place.

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