Atlantic Beach to hold another election

After weeks of controversy surrounding the Atlantic Beach Town Council election, the Atlantic Beach Election Commission decided on Friday night to hold another election.

Incumbent Candidates Charlene Taylor and Josephine Isom lost their seats in the town council election on November 3rd.

The two winners were write-in candidates, Carolyn Cole and Windy Price.

Taylor and Isom, along with a third candidate, Paul Curry, filed protests questioning the residency of Cole and Price, and cited irregularities in the election process..

An attorney representing Isom and Taylor, argued that at least one voter was influenced to vote for Cole and Price, and Friday the commission agreed.

Charlene Taylor, one of many who were challenging election results, said "The verdict was fair and I think the law abiding citizens can now believe that we can have a fair election."

Cole and Price now have ten days to appeal the decision made on Friday, otherwise a new election date will be set.

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