Atlantic Beach mayor: "We don't plan to end Bikefest."

Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans said after Monday's town council meeting that he has no plans to cancel the Atlantic Beach Bikefest next year.
"We here in Atlantic Beach don't think canceling Bikefest is the answer to solve problems with the violence going on in Myrtle Beach," said Mayor Evans.

Many, including Governor Nikki Haley, have called for the end of Bikefest after violence over Memorial Day weekend in Myrtle Beach ended in three deaths.

Since the Atlantic Beach Bikefest was not on the town council meeting's agenda, Mayor Evans took time to answer questions from the media after the meeting wrapped up.

He said Bikefest wasn't on the agenda, because the town is still waiting to get the most current statistics from this year's event before they have a discussion about it.

Although council did not talk about it, around half a dozen people signed-up for public input to speak about it.

All of them were in favor of continuing Bikefest.

Some said Atlantic Beach should not take the blame for the acts of violence that took place in Myrtle Beach over Memorial Day Weekend.

Mayor Evans said he has plans to work with state, county, and city leaders to come up with a plan.

However, he still wants to have the event next year since it has been a time-honored tradition.

Evans added that he hasn't been the mayor of Atlantic Beach for even a year and wouldn't feel comfortable with ending an event that his forefathers started around 30 years ago.

"We just have difference of opinions, and you know I've said it numerous times, I don't think it's fair to blame Atlantic Beach for all of the gang violence that has been going on in Myrtle Beach before Bikefest," said Mayor Evans.

The Coastal Alliance, a group made-up of Grand Strand mayors and Horry County leaders, has a meeting this week.

Although Bikefest is on the agenda, Evans said he will most likely not be in attendance.