Atlantic Beach mayor says there will be an election on November 12

Thursday, Atlantic Beach Mayor Jake Evans said there will be an election on November 12 for two council seats, which are now held by Windy Price and Carolyn Cole.

Wednesday, Patricia Bellamy, who says she is still in charge of the town's election commission, said there would be no election, because the only candidates to file were Price and Cole, so they were named the winners. Click here

"No one else filed for candidacy and declared themselves as a candidate, and therefore the municipal election commission, which is the legal one in the town, declared myself and Ms. Cole as the winners," said Windy Price.

But Mayor Jake Evans says Bellamy is no longer in charge of elections, that the commission she was a part of was voted out of office, and the commission members have been replaced. He says there will be an election on November 12th for the two council seats.

"There was a deadline that candidates had to sign up by, and we had three candidates sign up for the November 12 election. Carolyn Cole, and Windy Prince never signed up or never came to the town hall to sign up in the November 12 election. They have since sent letters to the town vying that they'll be write-in candidates," said Mayor Evans.

The State Election Commission spokesman Chris Whitmire has confirmed to WPDE there is an election in Atlantic Beach on November 12. He said he's been to Atlantic Beach to train the three new members of the municipal election commission.

The three who have filed to run for the two open council seats and are on the November 12 ballot are Lenearl Evans, Kenneth McLaurin, and former mayor Retha Pierce, according to Mayor Evans and paperwork obtained from town hall.

Thursday morning Cole and Price were called to a hearing where a town resident challenged their right to vote in elections in the town of Atlantic Beach.

Paul Curry initiated the challenge, asking the Horry County Board of Voter Registration to review where the women live.

After reviewing the evidence Curry presented, the board said Cole and Price are eligible to vote in the town because there was not enough evidence against them.

Polls will be open on November 12th at the Atlantic Beach Community Center located at 1010 32nd Avenue South from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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