Atlantic Beach lays groundwork for 2013 Bike Fest

Atlantic Beach town council began discussions for the 2013 Bike Fest at its meeting Monday evening.

A handful of vendors showed up to the meeting looking for answers.

"We didn't have enough vendors," said Michel Gore, about last year's Bike Fest.

Last year, council raised vendor prices for food and retail vendors by $1,000.

This year, council wanted to make it easier for vendors.

"I don't think there's anybody in this room that agrees last year was a success for the town of Atlantic Beach or vendors," said councilman Jake Evans.

Council laid the ground work to lower the prices for vendors.

"I think they're still a little high, but it's a lot better than last year or the previous year," said Gore.

Council held a first reading on vendor prices for the following areas:

Food Vendors: $1,000 if you pay before May 15. $1,200 if you pay after May 15.

Retail Vendors: $700 if you pay before May 15. $900 if you pay after May 15.

Property Owners who want to vend: $200 for permit.

Property Owners who want to vend parking: $200 for permit.

Exhibitors: $500 for permit.

Atlantic Beach will only accept cashier's checks and money orders to pay for permits.

Council also voted on a first reading that Memorial Day Bike Fest would be only four days this year from May 23-May 27.

Atlantic Beach has made a packet for all vendor related things for the 2013 Beach Bike Fest. You can pick up a copy at the Atlantic Beach Town Hall.