Atlantic Beach decides how to handle November's council elections

Atlantic Beach Town Council members voted unanimously Friday night to acknowledge the November 12th election and its results for two open council seats.

This decision was made at a special council meeting on Friday.

Last November, two elections were held by two different groups that claimed they were the legitimate Municipal Election Committee for the Town of Atlantic Beach.

One election was held on November 5th with Patricia Bellamy as the Municipal Election Commissioner.

Carolyn Cole and Windy Price were winners of that election.

The other election was held one week later, on November 12th, which had Joe Montgomery as the Municipal Election Commissioner.

Lenearl Evans and Ken McLaurin were the winners and were sworn into the two council seats late last month.

Evans and McLaurin decided to recuse themselves from Friday's vote.

Cole, who didn't win the November 12th election, said this type of decision is not up to the town council to make.

"They've held a hearing outside of their jurisdiction, outside of their jurisdiction, ignoring the states laws and believing they have some role here to circumvent the circuit court or to sit as if they are the circuit court," Cole said.

However, not everyone feels the same.

"It was a legit meeting that served its purposed and of course we are going to move forward in Atlantic Beach," said Mayor Jake Evans.

The State Election Commission has told us in the past that the disputed elections are out of their hands and they cannot officially recognize either as the official election.