Atlantic Beach Council has new member

Atlantic Beach Town Council met Wednesday evening, it's first meeting with a new council member.

Council member Charlene Taylor was scheduled to be sworn in Wednesday, according to the agenda.

However, she was already sworn in by an Horry County Magistrate judge earlier this week.

Mayor Pro Tem, Carolyn Cole says, "I gladly welcome Ms. Taylor."

Council member elect, Josephine Isom, was also on the agenda to be sworn in, but she was not at the meeting.

During the meeting Cole petitioned for a motion to force Isom to forfeit her elected seat.

She will be notified of this Thursday. After being notified, she then has 10 days to let a judge know whether she wants to be sworn in or not.

Mayor Elect and current council member Jake Evans says it was illegal to pass the motion because it was not on the agenda; however, it still passed.

Cole says she thinks Isom is avoiding being sworn in because Evans would then have to give up his seat.

Evans says that is not the case.

"I supported Josephine in the election and she supported me, as well. Anytime she is ready to get sworn in her seat, that's her call. I'll gladly give up her seat if she wanted it today," said Evans.

Other matters discussed included Carolyn Cole's previous employment contract with the town, when she was town manager and a lawsuit against the town by a company with ties to Cole. That company claims the town owes the company money for passed due loans.

They did not make any decisions on those matters but said the town manager of Atlantic Beach is handling them with the town's lawyers.

The town manager and the town's attorney were not at tonight's meeting.