Atlantic Beach addresses Bike Fest concerns

Atlantic Beach town councilmembers Carolyn Cole and Windy Price led a meeting Monday morning on the future of Bike Fest, the annual Memorial Day weekend motorcycle rally.

They met with Horry County Council, Highway Patrol, North Myrtle Beach police, Myrtle Beach police, and Briarcliff Acres police to see how they could better work together.

Mayor Retha Pierce and Councilman Jake Evans were not at the meeting.

Cole and Price said Atlantic Beach does not have a plan in place for this year's Bike Fest. They said Bike Fest is not producing the money people think it is.

They will try to have a decision by March 5th on whether they'll host the rally.

"It is broken, and we need to fix it," said Cole. She went on to say the town needs to plan something to help the economy year-round and not just be dependent on Bike Fest.

Horry County Council Chair Tom Rice said Horry County would help the town transition into having a better economy year-round.