Arson victim pays it forward to help Sandy victims

As New York and New Jersey prepare for a Nor'easter following the destruction of Superstorm Sandy, we've heard stories of friends and family here trying to help. One woman off Shore Lane is among those stories. She and her neighbor are filling a giant 26-foot moving truck.

It's the tremendous perseverance to help others after Patty Toth, the organizer, has been through.

In July, Toth was a victim of arson. Her neighbor set her boat on fire, and the fire spread to the roof of her house.

Toth's other neighbor, Susan Volpe, came to her help, calling 911.

"My neighbors saved our life. My husband was in bed, sound asleep. I had just come home. And she had took-thank god-the liberty to call 911," Toth recalls.

Now, Toth and Volpe, with family in Staten Island and New Jersey are helping others. They are packing a donated 26 foot truck with supplies for Sandy victims.

"I believe in paying it forward. I had an angel. Now we need to be an angel."

"Even if we weren't from up north, why do it because people are devastated up there," Volpe said.

Greg Saviski, founder of Two Men and a Truck donated the vehicle and gas to get there. Now the women are trying to gather supplies to fill it, and about $400 in gas money to get home.

"Normally {it} can hold about 10,000 pounds of furniture and boxes," Saviski said.

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