Arrest made in threat called in for Marlboro County High School

Jennings Bryan Griggs, 54, of Wallace is charged with Disturbing Schools, in connection with a threat called in for Marlboro County High School, according to the Marlboro County Sheriff's Office.

Griggs is accused of calling the State Department of Education's toll free Ombudsman number in the Office of Exceptional Children Wednesday.

Deputies say he left a voicemail message and said, "There's going to be hell to pay at Marlboro County High School tomorrow."

He then hung up without revealing his name, deputies said.

Officers add Griggs says he left the message because he was frustrated and he had no plans to harm anyone or the school itself.

Griggs' actions disrupted school and its operations and that's why he was charged with Disturbing Schools, according to Marlboro County Sheriff Fred Knight.

"I was called by SLED Wednesday morning and notified that the incident occurred on Tuesday. I immediately assigned an investigator to work the case and he was assisted by SLED. Within just a few hours the investigation was complete and the arrest was made today. We have determined that no threat exists now but we cannot allow people to scare or threaten our schools and teachers and disrupt the learning environment, " said Sheriff Knight.

Griggs has been released from the Marlboro County Detention on bond.

A charge of Disturbing Schools carries up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine.