Army Corps buildings for Afghan military poorly constructed

A special Inspector General's report has found that as many as 700 buildings constructed for Afghan military forces could easily go up in flames.

The Army Corps of Engineers spent more than$1.5 billion taxpayer dollars constructing around 2,000 buildings to house medical centers, offices and even fire stations.

Our investigative partner, The Washington Times, said when the Corps was asked about the significant risks the buildings pose, "some of the senior leadership of the Corps of Engineers said that this probably isn't going to be a problem because the Afghan soldiers are all young and fit and could easily evacuate the buildings in the event of a fire," said Phillip Swarts of the Washington Times.

This is this week's Golden Hammer story, a weekly story with investigative news partner The Washington Times that shines a spotlight on possible government waste and abuse of tax dollars

For more information on how the building problems are being addressed visit the story on the Washington Times.