Are the cold temps ruining spring break?

The sun is shining on the Grand Strand, but it's chilly out there. Temperatures are 15 degrees cooler this March then they were last year, according to WPDE NewsChannel 15 Chief Meterologist Ed Piotrowski.

But the dip in temperatures isn't affecting the number of people traveling to the Grand Strand for Spring Break.

The Coastal Carolina University Center for Resort Tourism saw a 13.6% increase in hotel rooms being occupied compared to this time last year.

"I packed shorts cause I thought it was going to be way warmer , it's really cold out instead," said vacationer Jenna Bacon.

And vacationers altered their plans right along with their clothes.

Nine-year-old Collin Grubbs and his family decided to use the zipline in downtown Myrtle Beach, since swimming at the beach wasn't an option.

"I've never been here before and it really is a blast and the ziplining back here is like fun beyond belief," said Grubbs.

Some people say because they aren't spending their time on the sand of the Grand Strand, they're spending money.

"We've like went around the boardwalk, into shops, and we've played putt putt," said Andie Matthews.