Arctic blast remains through Saturday morning

An arctic front moved through early Friday morning. Cold air will surge in throughout Friday. Despite sunny skies, temperatures will struggle to get above freezing with some Inland areas not getting above 32° on Friday afternoon. That will mean these areas will spend 34 - 38 hours below freezing, including another night in the teens Saturday night. Winds will relax through the course of Friday, but with high temperatures only in the low 30s, any light breeze will push the wind chills into the 20s.

Temperatures will bottom out in the teens to around 20º by 7am Saturday. Unlike Friday morning, winds will be much lighter for Saturday morning so windespread single digit wind chills won't be as much of an issue

Forecast lows and records for Saturday January 25th:


Temperatures: 15º to 18º (Florence Record 16º - 2003)


Temperatures: 18º to 21º (Myrtle Beach Record 15º - 2003)

Whatever precautions you took against the cold a few weeks ago, you'll need to do it again. Here are some cold weather tips:

- Protect pipes by covering or letting water drip slowly through them during the cold snap. Pipes most vulnerable are those in crawl spaces, the attic or in outside walls. Remember to disconnect your garden hoses as well.

- Have proper ventilation for any indoor heat sources. Make sure they have "tip switches." They are designed to automatically turn off the heater in the event it tips over.

- Check on each other and wear layers. Gloves and hats are a must. Frostbite can occur within 30 minutes with temperatures and wind chills this low.

- Pets and livestock need to have a warm place too. Obviously it's best to bring them in, but if you can't, make sure they have a shelter that is well insulated and draft-free. Nose, paws and tails are usually the first places to show signs of frostbite.

- Your car should be fine if it's properly maintained. For those with boats, protect your engine by draining the water out of the engine and the exhaust manifold. If you don't, the engine block could crack.

Thankfully, we'll be back in the 50s this weekend. Don't get use to it though. More intense cold is headed our way Tuesday!