Anti-Flow Control bill sent to House floor

The opposition to Horry County's Flow Control ordinance is growing. Thursday, House Bill 4721 passed a South Carolina House Committee, and is being sent to the House floor next week.

Wednesday, the bill passed the House Agriculture Environmental Affairs Subcommittee.

If passed, the bill would overturn Horry County's Flow Control ordinance that mandates all waste collected inside the county be dumped at the Solid Waste Authority landfill in the county.

More than 60 House lawmakers are sponsoring the House Bill.

"It's moving pretty fast through the House right now," said Solid Waste Authority Manager Mike Bessant.

In 2009, the county passed the Flow Control ordinance after the SWA claimed the county loses millions of dollars in revenue when locally generated trash is dumped outside of the county.

Senate Bill 514 would also kill Flow Control if passed into law. That bill is currently being discussed in the Senate's Committee on Medical Affairs.

Supporters of Flow Control said the ordinance pays for recycling, hazardous waste programs and the county's emergency 911 telephone services.

Horry County spokesperson Lisa Bourcier said $2,762,619 is budgeted for fiscal year 2012 for the county's E911 services.

Bessant has said the county's tipping fees are competitive with surrounding landfills. The tipping fees at SWA are $29 for trash and $26.50 for construction and debris materials. Each waste truck carries an average of 5 tons.

Two landfills in Marion County charge $20 for tipping fees.

Bessant said from every tipping fee $2.25 is put aside for E911 emergency and $7.00 goes to pay for SWA recycling and hazardous waste programs.