Answers to FAQ for Windsor Green fire victims

Here are some commonly asked questions that victims of the Carolina Forest condo fire might need answers to in the coming days.

Do I need to let anyone know that I am a resident of Windsor Green?

Horry County police are continuing their search of the area at Windsor Green, and they need to get people matched up with units. They ask that you contact them at 843-997-6970. They want to hear from everyone who lived or lives inside Windsor Green. It doesn't matter what part of the complex or whether you were affected by the fire or not. They want you to call and check in.

What do I do if my pet is missing?

Horry County at 843-997-6970.

Horry County Animal Care Center is helping to track pets that are missing but had microchips - as well as helping with displaced pets. They're at 1923 Industrial Park Rd in Conway. Their number is (843) 915-5172.

How do I check on my car?

Call Horry County at 843-997-6970 and have your vehicle identification number ready. You will need to provide your name and unit number at Windsor Green Condos

Where is the shelter?

The shelter that has been set up at Ocean Bay Middle School is closing at 3 p.m. Sunday.

The new shelter will be set up at Beach Church in Myrtle Beach. Http:// They're located at 557 George Bishop Parkway in Myrtle Beach.

What do I do if I feel I need help from the Red Cross?

Starting at 10 a.m. Monday, all fire victims are asked to go to Beach Church at 557 George Bishop Parkway in Myrtle Beach. Red Cross workers will start what's called Client Casework with the victims. Workers sit down with those affected, listen to their stories, find out their needs, and help build a recovery plan. Red Cross mental health counselors and healthcare workers will be there a well.
The Red Cross set up a hotline for people who need assistance. Call (843) 477-0020.