Anonymous tip tent resumes to help with Heather Elvis search

Volunteers continue to run an anonymous tip tent this weekend to help find Heather Elvis, even after Sidney and Tammy Moorer have been taken into custody.

The tip tent is located right outside River City Café in Socastee.

Volunteers said they're hoping to find answers for the Elvis family.

"That's exactly why I came out this morning, because I figured with the arrests and everything, everybody's going to just think this is done but it's not done until Heather is brought home. I think that is the biggest message that everybody who is here, and still on social media wants to put out there. This isn't over for their family until they know where Heather is," said volunteer Cathy Gregory, who's been at the tent site since early Sunday morning.

The tent has been open since 6 p.m. on Friday and volunteers say it will remain open until Sunday night at midnight.

"It's been heart-warming to see other people pass by and either give their sign of hope, pray, or wave; at least to know why everybody is out here," Gregory explained.

Anyone with any information on Elvis' whereabouts is encouraged to stop by.

You will remain anonymous.

Volunteers are also selling T-shirts with funds going toward the Heather Elvis search.

You can also call 843-915-TIPS with any information related to the case.