Annual Red Cross dinner brings joy

A fter several days of hard work, Red Cross volunteers finally got the chance to see the benefits of their labor.

E arlier today about 200 volunteers served a Christmas Dinner to those in need. Over the course of several hours an assembly line of meals were put together and served to a crowd of more than 100 people at Saint John's Greek Orthodox Church. Just one of four locations on the Grand Strand.

I n addition to these meals about 2,000 went out to others in Horry and Georegetown counties.

"We've been putting them in 'to go' boxes lifting them, stacking them in boxes of fours, serving them from place to place. We've got them going to different churches , " said Alexandria Savage-Davis, who's volunteered for the last seven years.

The dinners are much more than a meal. They represent reaching out to others in their time of need and putting everyone in the Christmas spirit. "I came here today and in looking at you guys and everybody else, it just cheered me up and I feel so much better now," said Corrina Sukalski.

Recently she's experienced several losses and a string of bad health in her family.

"When you see people's faces, when your serving it to them, when you give them a simple thing like Merry Christmas or a hand shake or a hug, people just take that and are so appreciative it just makes it all worth it , " added Savage-Davis.

A long with the dinner, hundreds of coats and other donated items were given to those who attended.

"We got some clothes which I needed for the winter, " said Sukalski.

T his is the 22nd year for the Red Cross dinner and volunteers say even though they are away from their families today, they've formed one just as important with the community.

In all, volunteers served 275 turkeys, one ton of dressing, and 1,000 pounds of fixings.

Bi-Lo and other community donations picked up the $12,000 tab.