An anxious day of waiting for Windsor Green fire victims

An anxious day of waiting for Windsor Green fire victims Many of those who lost their homes in the Windsor Green fire spent Sunday wondering when they'd be allowed back in to see what they could salvage.

Horry County police told Windsor Green residents that the area destroyed by fire would be being treated like a crime scene until officials can determine the cause of the fire.

That was enough of an explanation for some people, but others spent a disturbing day wondering what was left of their homes and not being able to see for themselves.

So many people lost so much in the fire, like Cynthia London and her mother, Mary.

"(We lost) personal papers, of course, things that we brought with us from New York, childhood pictures, (my mother's) cat perished in the fire," said Cynthia London, whose home was on Twin Ponds Court.

Their concerns go beyond the loss of a pet and momentos. Mary London is diabetic and out of insulin.

"She hasn't had it for two days," her daughter said, "so we're going to try to see what we can do, go to emergency. Now tomorrow, she can go to a physician and get a prescription, but I want her to try to take some today."

London said she and her mother would stay with a friend, try to make it through another night and hope that things would look a little bit brighter Monday.

Those whose homes were spared from the fire escaped with little more than the clothes they were wearing and spent Sunday waiting to get back in.

"I was hoping we could at least grab some things. All I have is what I have on me and not (allowed in) at this point, but buildings are still smoldering so it's probably a wise decision," said Jerry Bloom, whose condo was undamaged.

Barbara Carr considers herself one of the lucky ones. Her condo was also spared.

She spent Sunday at the Red Cross shelter at Ocean Bay Middle School, hoping to get back home soon.

"I would like to know what's going on, but they're taking care of it, the firemen and the policemen," Carr said.

County officials say those who lost their homes should understand that there's no need to be in a hurry about searching for belongings.

"I think until they actually see the pictures of the loss, they'll see that everything is gone," said Horry County public information officer Lisa Bourcier.

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