Amtrak train stuck in Dillon County, passengers desperate for help

UPDATE: An Amtrak train that broke down on Red Road in Dillon County just after 4 o'clock Monday morning, according to dozens of passengers on the train, started moving again at 1:15 p.m.

One of the passengers called our newsroom to alert us to the situation.

When we arrived at the train, passengers told us the train's engines gave out.

The train was traveling from New York to Florida, passengers said.

"They keep telling us anytime soon. People are calling Amtrak getting no where, with Amtrak telling them they can't put them through to customer service or anything. And so we've been here for a good eight hours," said Steve Maroutsis, a passenger on the train.

Passengers said there was no power on the train, and they're desperate for help because Amtrak wasn't allowing them to get off.

"There's no toilets. No air conditioners. You have elderly people here that are suffering. The food you can't open up the dining cart because everything is refrigerated so you can't do anything with that. So we're just literally prisoners on this train with no power," Maroutsis said.

Some passengers say although they were in a bad situation, the Amtrak staff on board was as helpful as they could be.

"They've done everything possible to make us comfortable within their means, and they're suffering along with us. And although we can't move and no one can figure out how to get us moving, the staff has treated us with great respect and with genuine concern," said Mary Gould, Amtrak passenger.

We've placed calls to Amtrak officials to learn more about what is going on. We are waiting to hear back.

Deputies with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office were on scene to assist the train's conductors if necessary.