Amtrak explains why train was delayed in Dillon County for more than nine hours

Amtrak officials answered our questions about why its Silver Meteor Train 97 was stalled at Red and Stateline Roads in Dillon County for more than nine hours Monday.

Some passengers complained saying the experience was like a nightmare and they didn't understand why they were stranded for so long.

We sent an email to Amtrak's media relations department and they sent us a response after the train started rolling


Kimberly Woods with Amtrak media relations responded to the questions.

She says the train's engine had operational issues. They're investigating what caused it to fail.

Passengers told us they weren't allowed of the train and felt like prisoners. They said there were no working toilets or water on the train.

Woods said, "The locomotive was removed and as a result, electricity was cut off. Removing the locomotive was necessary for repairs. Passengers remained on the train for their safety. The train stopped on a main line and it wasn't near a station. Also, other freight trains would be passing through the area. Once the temps warmed up, passengers were given the opportunity to get off train for fresh air. The goal was to fix the issues and resume the trip south."

Woods says the train is expected to arrive in Miami around 5 a.m. Tuesday morning.