Ammunition shortage hits our area

Since December, store

s in our area
have had a hard time keeping ammunition on the shelves.

David Floyd, co-owner of The Gun Store in Conway, has had people stopping by almost every day asking for ammunition. He says there are a few reasons for the shortage.

"When you couple a slow down in manufacturing on top of an election that people thought due to some of the rhetoric that went on of some possible gun control, and you couple that with a few tragedies that led into talk of gun control, and you pile all of these together, it just creates the perfect storm for an ammo shortage," Floyd said.

The Gun Store

was the third store

Michael Vann tried to find ammunition in Tuesday.

"Well, I found one box," Vann laughed. "Still trying to find some more, though."

Robert Battista, who owns the 707 Indoor Shooting Range, said his customers are stocking up on ammunition in fear of pending gun control laws.

"We've actually had guys grab our UPS & Fed Ex drivers outside to see what was in the boxes," Battista said.

Battista said he's trying as hard as he can to not have to raise prices of ammunition in his store.

"We've heard three, four, five times fair market value for ammunition. Ammunition that we sell for $27, that same box is going online now for $75 a box," Battista said.

Both Battista and Floyd believe this high demand won't last forever.

"I think people just need to calm down and let the supply catch up to the demand," Battista said.

"If you be patient and don't be wasteful with what you have, it'll level off," Floyd said.