Alternative medicine weighs in on stopping the flu

Most doctors agree the best way to protect yourself from the flu is to wash, rinse and repeat, but there's also other methods one Grand Strand doctor is encouraging to fight the virus.

"If you're stressed and if you're not sleeping enough, your immune system is going to be very weak, and it's not going to be vigilant enough to protect you," Holistic Medicine Doctor Dalal Akoury said.

After more than a decade of practicing traditional medicine, Dr. Akoury decided to practice holistic medicine instead.

She doesn't suggest getting the yearly flu vaccine that the Department of Health and Environmental Control strongly encourages.

But she suggests learning from the past.

"Go back in history and look at your grandparents and great grandparents and what would they do?," she asked. "They would make sure eat stuff that is antibacterial, onions, garlic, rosemary."

The latest numbers show 15 people in South Carolina have died during this year's flu season compared to just one last year.

For six straight weeks, DHEC has deemed South Carolina widespread with the flu.

The spread of the flu is more prominent in the coastal and midland regions, both around six percent. The upstate region is seeing flu cases at one and a half percent.

This year five percent more people are going to the hospital with flu like symptoms over last year.

DHEC warns the strain that is most prevalent is H3N2 influenza, the strain is known for producing more severe illness.

The agency suggests seeking a doctor's care if you start to feel any of these symptoms(

If you do become sick, Dr. Akoury encourages a mixture of something called Manuka Honey and mushroom supplements such as Coriolus and Cordyceps along with other natural measures.

"Another best remedy is lemon," she said. "Lemon juice is amazing but freshly squeezed lemon two or three or four times a day."

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