Aliens make first contact at Myrtle Beach UFO exhibit

When it comes to UFOs, many people think "the truth is out there". Now, that belief has come in for a landing at a new attraction in Myrtle Beach.

Luke Skywalker couldn't make it, but a Star Wars-like alien rock band was there for Thursday's media tour of Encounters: UFO Experience at Broadway at the Beach.

Its creator claims the exhibit is the first of its kind anywhere, sort of an alien assortment of things out-of-this-worldish.

"We've basically put a collection of all of the exhibitions, all the museums that have been out there, all the information and put it into a crash course, if you will, of ufology," said Brian Bouquet, president of Intergalactic Brands.

From alleged evidence of ancient aliens, to props from science fiction movies, Encounters aims for a mish-mash of the fanciful and the clinical.

For the purposes of the media tour, the science part was provided by physicist and well-known UFO researcher Stanton Friedman.

In books and lectures, Friedman has often made the case for the existence of flying saucers. He says one of the most convincing examples on record is the radar tracking of a UFO in 1957.

"The characteristics and the appearance and the extraordinary flying behavior, we'd give anything to have a vehicle that could duplicate that, so it's a very solid case," Friedman said.

So will human beings who plunk down their earthly cash to visit Encounters: UFO Experience walk away convinced about the existence of extraterrestrials?

"I want them to come out of here saying, 'There's a lot of evidence there that has either been covered up or I haven't paid attention to it. Now I believe in it'," Bouquet said.

Bouquet says Encounters was supposed to open Thursday, but some artifacts weren't delivered on time, so the opening has been pushed back to Saturday, April 6.

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