Airline brings new seasonal routes to MYR

Allegiant Airlines announced in March the addition of four new routes to Myrtle Beach International Airport that begin Thursday and Friday.

Officials explained that the four new routes for the summer include Cincinnati and Columbus, Ohio, Lexington, Kentucky and Syracuse, New York.

"Now more people can fly in, save money in doing so, get here sooner, stay longer and have a great vacation and hopefully return in the future," explained Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce President Brad Dean.

Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday President Bill Golden added that the new routes are good news for flyers and small business.

"A lot of these folks will be first time travelers to Myrtle Beach. They'll have an immediate effect. It's a pure numbers game. They'll become repeat visitors that can only grow over time, so it will certainly have an effect on the local economy," Golden explained.

He added that small businesses will have even more to cash in on long term.

"What can we do the following year or three or four years from now? How many flights, how many markets will Allegiant be serving in Myrtle Beach then? And that's where I think the big opportunity is," Golden added.

Here's a list of the four destinations, start dates and fares:

1. Cincinnati, Ohio - begins May 30, 2014 with fares as low as $59*

2. Columbus, Ohio - begins May 29, 2014 with fares as low as $54*

3. Lexington, Ky. - begins May 29, 2014 with fares as low as $54*

4. Syracuse, N.Y. - begins May 29, 2014 with fares as low as $64*

Tickets for all routes are now available.

The carrier's seasonal Myrtle Beach service operates each year from May through mid-August.