Air travelers suffer through another round of wintry weather

Yet another blast of arctic air is sweeping through the east coast Tuesday and not only is it bringing bone-chilling temperatures and flurries, but for air travelers along the east coast and at the Myrtle Beach International Airport, it means headaches too.

"I'm missing a day's pay tomorrow so I'll call my boss up, tell him it got delayed and hopefully he'll say ok," explained Mike Sicuranzo

after his

2 p.m. flight to Laguardia was canceled.

Sicuranzo's flight is just one of more than 2,500 flights canceled nationwide because of the storm.

Joseph Roberto was scheduled on the same flight as Sicuranzo.

"I'm not annoyed about the flight being cancelled because everybody could understand the conditions and that fact that it's not safe," Roberto explained.

Although Roberto said he is understanding of the cancellation, he knows it comes with a cost. "I'm going to rent a car, it's going to cost me that to go back home and I'll drop it off tomorrow."

By early Tuesday, major airports from New York to Washington, D.C. had canceled a quarter to a third of scheduled flights; a trend that doesn't seem to be as bad here at home yet.

"So far I haven't got any notification that there's going to be any delays so I'm keeping my fingers crossed," explained James Richardson, who's traveling through Atlanta.

But delays could happen for Richardson and if they do, he says he'll be ready. "Grab a hotel room and hang out and then hope I can get out tomorrow because I have a couple meeting scheduled for tomorrow."

If you are planning on travelling by air over the next day, airport officials say it's best to call ahead and arrive early for your flight.