Administrator fired, speaks out

Charles Curry

In a public hearing, Dillon County Council members upheld their vote to fire the county administrator.

Charles Curry didn't go away quietly. He aired some dirty laundry on four of the seven councilman who voted to terminate him.

Dillon County Councilman Archie Scott made the motion to uphold the vote to fire County Administrator Charles Curry.

As three of the seven council members voted with Scott, more than 200 people in the courtroom yelled for them to turn around and face them.

But not everyone supported Curry.

"Our council made the right decision. They did the right thing. I will support them again," said Annie McAllister.

Before the vote, Curry got a chance to have his say regarding his termination.

He spoke specifically to the council's claims that they fired him for not communicating with them on major issues. Curry used a slide presentation to show memos he sent to council on every decision he made.

"The only policy I tried to develop was the vehicle policy, but they didn't have one," said Curry.

Curry believes it was his stance on enforcing policy that he says angered council members Bobby Moody, Andrew Graves, Archie Scott and Macio Williamson.

"I don't like criticizing people, but without the folks knowing what's going on they'll never try to get it changed," said Curry.

Curry highlighted why he thinks they wanted him gone, including Moody and Scott wanting to use individual recreational funds without council approval and Graves upset that Curry suspended a fire engineer in his district without telling him first.

Curry drew an applause from residents when he talked about Councilman Williamson's work as a volunteer firefighter.

He passed out documents that showed the councilman was paid for fighting a fire last July. The documents say that Williamson was in Hilton Head at the time.

"I just hope that the people of Dillon County don't back down on what we're trying to do," added Curry.

Curry says that is to get rid of the good old boy system and enforce policies already on the book.

Curry says he plans to draw his retirement and enjoy life with his family.

None of the four councilman who voted to fire Curry wanted to speak with us on camera.