Actors who claim they were racially profiled were ticketed for speeding in Dillon County

Two Hollywood actors, Cherie Johnson and Dennis White, who claim they were stopped and racially profiled in Marion County on September 22nd were ticketed for speeding in Dillon County, according to Latta Municipal Court Office.

Latta police stopped the couple earlier that day on Highway 301 in the city limits for driving 45 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone, the office added.

The office says Dennis White was fined $185.63. He's scheduled to appear in court on the citation October 9.

According to the couple, a Marion County Sheriff's Deputy put handcuffs on the couple and questioned them for drugs and searched their car.

On Monday, Marion County Sheriff Mark Richardson issued a statement, saying, "Discrimination in any form, including racial profiling, is strictly prohibited by this department and as Sheriff of Marion County SC, I can assure you I will take immediate and appropriate action to investigate the allegations of racial profiling made by Mr. White and Ms. Johnson. This matter will be dealt with by an internal investigation within the department and I will also ask the State law Enforcement Division to review the allegation made against Deputy Barfield."